Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bloodpact army list: Reached a crossroads...

Hey all,

a non-picture/progress report today yet still something of interest, though maybe more so for me than for you, as I am seeking some opinions on what road to go down with a part of my army...

First off, I will type up the list as it stands in its fullness, and then the junction point I am at.

My list is as follows, starting with a 1000pt army for my FLGS monthly tournament, then with the 850pt expansion I have added on to it (turns out Australian tournaments aren't as big as 1850pts, but meh, gives me more to play with).

1000pt list:

Command Squad- Commander with B/P and P/S
                           - 4x Guardsmen with L/P and CC/W
                           - Astropath
                           - Fleet Officer


Vet. Squad 1- Harker
                    - 3x Snipers
                    - H/W team consisting of H/B and L/G
                    - 4x Vet. with L/G

Vet. Squad 2- Vet. Sarge with B/P and P/S
                    - 2x Vet. with Melta
                    - Vet. with Heavy Flamer
                    - 6x Vet. with shotguns
                    - Grenadiers doctrine

Platoon Com- P. Comm with with B/P and P/S
                    - 2x Guardsmen with Flamers
                    - 2x Guardsmen with L/P and CC/W

Plat. Squad 1- Commissar
                     - Sarge with B/P and CC/W
                     - Guardsmen with Flamer
                     - 8x Guardsmen with L/G
Plat. Squad 2- Sarge with B/P and CC/W
                     - Guardsmen with Flamer
                     - 8x Guardsmen with L/G
Squads formed together into a single squad of 21

Plat. H/W Squad-3x H/W team each consisting of A/C and L/G

Fast Attack-
Valkyrie- H/B sponsons
             - L/C
             - Missile Pods

S.S.S.- 2x Scout Sentinels
          - 2x Autocannons

Total of 1000pts

That is my current 1000pt army list, and this is the 850pt expansion for it:

Plat. Squad 3- Sarge with L/P and CCW
                    - 7x Guardsmen with L/G
                    - H/W team consisting of M/L and L/G
                    + Chimera transport- 2x H/B

Plat. Squad 4- Sarge with L/P and CCW
                     - 7x Guardsmen with L/G
                     - H/W team consisting of M/L and L/G
                     + Chimera transport- 2x H/B

Plat. H/W Squad-3x H/W team each consisting of L/C and L/G

Fast Attack-
Rough Riders- 2x Extra Riders
                    - 2x Riders with Meltas

Heavy Support-
LRBTS- 2x LRBT not upgraded

Art. Bat.- 1x Colossus

Total of 850pts

Now, as the sidebar shows, a lot of this is either still under construction or as yet not started. The extras at the bottom of the list on the sidebar are just that, things that I did either for the sake of fluff, the idea just popped into my head, or because of painting comps/re-thinking my army list.

I'm open up to peoples general views of the list, I have done a few trial games and it seems to run rather well, though I admit it has been a limited arena of versing Daemons and Eldar so far. The general idea behind the list is id rather assault than be assaulted, so the first 1000pt is designed to get in fast and get the job done.

You would be surprised how well a squad of 20 guardsmen with a commissar does in an assault, and the amount of squads they can tie up in an assault at a time. Harker and his boys infiltrating ahead (along with Marbo popping out somewhere) to cause some disruption, the heavier vets being dropped in close to/behind enemy lines to deal some damage, with the main command squad staying out of the way to keep my reserves coming quicker and my opponents more slowly.

The 850 expansion is the armoured follow up, with the squads to move in and secure objectives, some rough riders give a lil extra support vs flanking armour, and some armoured might to push back anyone that's gotten in too close.

My dilemma is as follows:
My army is entirely based on fluff, loosely with the rough riders (you will see why once I have the squad completed, atm very happy with the trial mini), and its the rough riders I'm not too sure about, as well as the sentinels.

The sentinels fit the fluff, as they are being converted into SteG 4 Light Armoured Cars, yet I'm unsure as whether to keep the sentinels, or swap them out for another squad of rough riders, or even swap out the rough riders for more sentinels....

Anyone able to give me some feedback on this, its got me rather stuck...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Teaser: Origins of my Bloodpact

Hi all,
its time for more Bloodpact pics but unfortunately yet again I have no finished work pics...
This time I forgot to transfer every pic off the USB my girlfriend gave me before she took it back to put more onto...

So today I dug through my computers archives in search of pics from a project I started when the kit first came out yet didn't finish about a year ago, a year before any actual work on my Bloodpact started.

This is purely a teaser post today for what you should expect in my next post on this, and also hopefully work towards giving insight in to the origins of my Bloodpact forces theme and style.

Til next time!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bloodpact Looted Truck Finished pics

Hello again fellow hobbyists,
I have returned with what was promised, pictures of the completed truck!

I'll run through a list of the additions that were made before and after I started painting that aren't shown in the WIP pictures in the previous blog, and if theres anything I haven't listed that takes your interest just comment me. I can't quite recall how I achieved the colours atm but if asked I'm sure I can go dig up some paints list from somewhere.

First off is the obvious barbed wire, which was added right in the final stages of painting. Its the standard GW wire with just brown ink dabbed on straight out of the pot. I do this with the barbed wire on my other vehicles and on the bases of my infantry also, as I find it gives a better aged look to the wire compared to if i watered it down. Also in this picture you can clearly see the grill at the front of the engine bay. This was achieved by sticking in bits of wire I had cut to size.

Second of the extra bits of detail is the rivets, the truck is literally covered in them. I did these following the instructions in the tutorial done by the Painting Corps, the link of which is here. Its not as hard as you would think, and no where near as time consuming as it looks. The instructions they give are very clear and easy to follow, so as long as you don't rush yourself it will come up great.

The next addition on the list was added after the main portion of the painting was done, and that's the patches of rust that cover the vehicle. Every place that has the potential to rust, has portions of rust on it. Where the rust is coming through the paint, I have used the rust effects to stain the paint. The chains holding the bench seats up, the hinges on the pintle heavy bolter, on the wheel hubs, metal plates on the wheels, everywhere. This was achieved by using a product called Scenic Rust made by Deluxe Materials. I will do a tutorial on how to use this stuff soon, as I'll soon have a few things ready to get rusted up.

This vehicle is definitely a veteran of the years, so along with the rust and old looking paint job, when it came to doing the tyres and the camo tarp I made sure that they looked old and weathered. I wanted this vehicle to look like its been neglected, perhaps salvaged after a battle or when its driver turned traitor he bought the truck into the bargain, and definitely not like its fresh off the assembly line.

The final touch to firmly place this vehicle in the Bloodpact parking lot is the addition of the most defining aspect about them: blood. Across the front is blood splatter from all the victims too slow to get out of its way, on the handles and steps is blood from boots and hands, and the tray has clotted blood strewn across the mesh, be it from the transported troops or slaughtered victims is any ones guess. The clotted look was achieved thanks to the contact adhesive i used to attach the mesh. It clumped up and leaked through the mesh and settled on top, and added into the bargain, it did so randomly.

There you have it, the completed Bloodpact looted truck, which will be used to represent a Chimera in my Bloodpact force. Comments and questions as always are welcomed.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bloodpact Looted Truck WIP pics

Hey all,
I finally got some pics off my girlfriends laptop, not any of my finished product pics but in fact some WIP of the Bloodpact truck I finished a few months back, plans courtesy of Dave Taylors blog, just search under the lable 'Truck' for the templates i believe it is.

I followed the instructions and used the templates for the most part, but found that after i had started painting it, that i had forgotten to put a few of the extra armour and the access into the engine bay! Oh well....

During assembly, modified the plans to suit my vision of what I wanted the truck to look like. The modicifactions I made include the following:
- I made the benches fold down benches rather than fixed, as I didnt want this to look purely like a troop transport vehicle.
- I made the canopy casing over the tray of the truck more like 1 of the troop carriers from WW2, having a skeleton frame going from 1 side to the other, so when the tarp is pulled over the top it creates a box effect over the tray.
- Rather than a plank style floor in the back, I have used plastic fly-wire to represent a metal grated floor, for extra grip when moving around. I also used this material bundled up on 1 side of the tray to represent the roof tarp, which can also be used in game as camo netting if desired.
- More handles poking out of the sides of the truck and tray, and a small ladder to 1 side of the trays rear, like transport trucks of today, allowing for a trailer to be towed if the driver was so inclined.
- No lights on the truck except for the search light on top, but this was purely due to a lack of lights in my bits box I must say.
- And a piece of mesh on 1 side for some extra armour.
The weapons on there are purely cause im not much of a fan of the multilaser, not sure why really, but felt that since im doing a looted ministorum (hope I spelt that right) transport, that the Bloodpact would have afixed weapons to the vehicle in a some what unprofessional manner, so all heavy bolters.
There is more done do it, but not applicable to the WIP pictures, as the other touches were added during and after the painting process.

Other than those few little details, the whole thing was constructed as the instructions said to do so. Thanks to Dave for the templates and instructions on how to build this beast, couldnt of figured out how to do 1 without them.

Next time, pictures of the fully painted up Blootpact Looted Truck.