Sunday, May 27, 2012

Greetings all!

Though long, my absence from the blog-o-sphere has been still some what productive, in more ways than 1.

In the past few months since my last post, I have:
- Moved out of home with my girlfriend of nearing on 3yrs,
- Got myself a new job
- Become a god father
- and many things I have more than likely forgotten.

Hobby wise though, much more progress has been done, and even more projects side lined.
For now, the Tyranids and the Dark Elves are side lined indefinitely until I get the inspiration to continue with the projects.
The Bloodpact on the other hand... much has been done and continues to be done, with many projects underway, planned or completed.

Units completed for the Bloodpact include:
- Harker with Vet squad consisting of 3 meltas and 6 shotguns, 1 of which also carries a demolition charge,
- 2 snipers and heavy bolter team to swap in/out of Harkers squad as needed,
- Scout Sentinel with autocannon and hunter killer missile
- Guardsmen Marbo

New units started/underway include:
- Iron Hand Straken with Comm squad consisting of cc weapons,
- Salamander-style Chimera with multi-laser and heavy bolter,
- Mutant/Renegade squad with 3 plasma guns, autocannon team and 4 lasguns, 1 of which also carries a demolition charge,
- Bull-dozer styled Chimera with multi-laser and heavy bolter,
- Leman Russ Executioner with hull lascannon,
- Macharius with 2 vanquisher cannons, 2 heavy flamers and heavy stubber,
- Malcador with battle cannon, and as yet to decide on sponson and hull weapons,
- Drop Sentinel with multi-melta
- Leman Russ/AT-70 Reaver conversion with hull heavy bolter

Still on the work bench from before include:
- Vendetta/Dark Eldar Raven conversion,
- Valkyrie/Locust conversion,
- Heavy Weapon squad of 3 autocannons,
- Heavy Weapon squad of 3 lascannons,
- Squad of 10 guardsmen with a flamer,
- Platoon Command squad,
- Medusa/N20 Half-track conversion
- Squad of 5 Rough Riders
- Astropath

Yet to start include:
- Colossus/Usurper conversion
- Hydra flak tank

Unfortunately I have yet to take any pictures as the camera is still packed away, and been rather slack in getting it out. Soon as I get some pics up I will go into more detail with everything.

Also, during this time away I went to the Australian Games Day 2011.
Considering it was the first Games day we have had since early 2000, it was alot of fun, and got a few books signed by Graham McNeil as well as a photo with him. Being 1 of my favorite writers from the black library, was very happy to get the chance to meet him.

I also entered Golden Daemon last year, and made it right through to the finals at games day.
The miniature I entered was my Truck Transport that I built from the designs put out to the public by the renowned Dave Taylor a few years back.
Unfortunately I didn't place in the top 3, not even in the 6 that get recognized for making it to the finals.
I did manage to find out why that is too; the truck is too realistic.
Honestly I think its a bit BS, as the guy that won had an average paint job, yet it was a fully scratch built executioner, but then, that is a fully scratch built truck I entered.
All in all it was a learning experience, and so now I am working on melding my realistic style in with the artistic style that Golden Daemon requires.

Well that's all for now, no promises as to when I will be able to post/get the pictures up, but until then, all the best with your hobby.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Its been that long...?


Didn't realise how long it has been since I last posted...
I feel rather ashamed about this...

Last few months have seen minimal hobby work done, due to purchasing a new computer and getting all that sorted out, as well as a long and tedious work lift that kinda saps out the will to be creative...

Yet, I do have some things to report on the hobby front!
I have made progress production wise, and also made some decisions about how I will be approaching my hobby work for now.
Though I am lacking pictures at this point in time...

1. The half-track has been sidelined atm, as I really should finish the list I have written up before I start adding extras to it...
Thus I have started converting the following:
- HQ squad
- Sly Marbo
- 2 squads for the transports
- 2nd heavy weapons squad
- 2nd transport
Almost finished, just requiring minor details and basing include:
- 2nd squad on foot
- Platoon command squad
- 1st heavy weapons squad
Everything else Bloodpact wise is on the sidelines til those are completed, so i can get the first 1k list done and get them on the table before i branch out to the extra 850pts..

2. The Dark Elves though only mentioned in passing months and months back are slowly taking shape after months of list writing and re-writing.
So far I believe I have about 750 or so points worth assembled, perhaps more, and a paint scheme decided on, and started to paint them up.
So far the following are assembled/started painting:
- Master on foot
- 9 Spearmen retinue
- 15 Corsairs
- 5 Dark Riders
- 5 Shades
- Assassin
Yet to be started include:
- Additional 10 Spearmen
- 15 Corsairs
- Lord on Cold One
- 9 Cold Ones retinue
- 10 Cold Ones
- 5 Shades
- 2 Reaper Bolt Throwers
- Sorceress
Should prove an effective force when used right, and once all painted up will hopefully look stunning on the table top.

3. Tyranids have been sidelined near indefinitely.
I have yet to actually do any work on the actual army since the coming of the current codex, the only things that have been done to the army have been due to entering modeling/painting comps at the local GW and nothing more.
Once I have finished what I have on the table atm, then I will be resurrecting them.

4. Easterlings have joined the Tyranids on the sideline.
Hearts just not there atm, and waiting for some finecast captains to hopefully come out, as after looking at what I have to do to make my current white metal captains look decent... I may as well just use them as paper weights the quality of the miniatures is that poor.

Thats about all I have in the way of updates atm, not much considering the time between last post and now, but I am trying!

Til next time all