Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Step Forward

Hey all,
its been way too long since my last post and I do apologise, life tends to get in the way of some good hobby work, more so in the way of blogging about it.
Unfortunately I have no pictures as yet to put up, they are all still on my girlfriends camera, but I do have updates none the less.

First off, thanks to the input from The GunGrave, the font on my blog will no longer hurt your eyes. See, chaotic symbols hurt your eyes at first, but once you give in, everything will be O.K! :)

The next piece of news is on the 25th i turned 25, and despite me telling her not to do anything, my girlfriend baked me a cake, which to my surprise she had decorated to match the basing of my Bloodpact army. She even went to the extent of taking molds from some of my works in progress to make chocolate terrain out of! I will be posting pics of this as soon as i get them.

Now into the hobby side of things. As it stands, I have a lot underway and no much to show for it in terms of completed items.

A few months back i had finished my Baneblade (and forgot to post about it completely), and entered it in a tank painting competition being held in honor of the spear head expansion release. I am very happy to say I took the win for that 1, and walked away with a GW spray gun and a propellant can.
As it stands i am yet to use it, preferring to use my Anest Iwata LPH-80 spray gun or Iwata eclipse HP-CS airbrush with my Iwata Studio Series mini compressor (I will be discussing these items in a future post) for any mass painting jobs.
Until i get some pictures up, all i can say to describe this beast is that it looks the part of a traitor tank, not a tank that was built for the service of the true gods.

Yet another vehicle, my truck transport has been finished, and is atm in GW Southland for the boxing day conversion competition, of which the name eludes me atm. This is also done up to look like a scavenged/traitor vehicle, covered in rust and gore, with a well worn paint job.

Whats on my desk being worked on atm is a whole other, much larger, kettle of fish entirely.

Harker and his boys are nearly done, I have but to convert/assemble 3 snipers for his squad, then start/finish off painting the squad and they are ready to lay down good cover fire. With the squad having 2 heavy bolters and 3 sniper rifles that shouldn't be hard to do.

My 2nd vet squad, heavily armoured in there carapace armour is coming along well. I have finished converting the remaining shotties for the squad, and assembled all the bodies. Now all that remains is to attach the shotties to the bodies, convert another melta and another squads worth of heads, then its all onto the painting table. ive painted up the main parts on 3 completed models already, and I must say im very pleased with how they will turn out.

The Primaris Psyker i believe will be the only model in the army that is not converted in 1 way or another, other than bringing it over from 1 GW gaming system to another. I wont give away any details on this project, you will have to wait to see this 1.

Sooo many troops! As it stands i have 3 basic troop squads under way, as well as a heavy weapons squad, platoon command, and some of the company command squads additional members... So I have about 40 foot slogers on the go atm.

The Rough Riders i have done very little to atm, as these boys will take a lot of prior planning of the bases prior to assembly, so i get the look just right. The inspiration for these miniatures came to me from reading Dan Abnetts "Traitor General" a few years back, and the images are still vivid in my mind.

Back into the vehicles, I am half way through the first of my Urdeshi produced AT-70 Reavers. Being faster, lighter armoured and lower tech versions of Leman Russ Battle Tanks, they are heavily converted, and loosely based on images of the WWII German Panzer IV. Seeing as these tanks were produced by the captured Urdesh Forgeworld, these tanks will be in full Bloodpact livery.

The Locust fighter (counts as a Valkyrie) has not progressed further than being chromed atm. I hit a mental block with this 1, so am taking some time away before coming back to it with a fresh mind. In terms of basing, rather than a huge styrene ball painted as a rock, i have begun the construction of a open portal. Made to look like fire hovering in mid-air, with daemonic faves and arms reaching and leering out of it. I am also sculpting a Bloodpact trooper walking out through the flames, to make it clear its a portal.

Well i think that about wraps it up. All projects are accounted for outside of terrain (which i will leave for another day, my hands are tired from all this typing, editing, etc etc...), and anything else i have missed can wait for the next post.

Til then :)

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