Sunday, April 18, 2010

From Humble Beginings...

Cant think of how to start off blogging all this,
so forgive me please if this seems rather lacking.
This is the start of a series of blogs detailing the progress of my 40k armies,
and any other random happenings along the way of worth.
Soon as i get photos up of my progress i will post,
and hopefully will be able to include a step by step for those that request it.
So far i have yet to finish an army of any sizable force,
as i am very easily distracted by new ideas,
but for now i am focusing on converting my Imp Guard over to Blood pact traitors,
and a re-vamped 'nyd swarm.

1 week from now i will put up some pics and info on my current progress,
as to which army will be put on show first...
Guess that will have to be seen.

Til then,
keep making your concepts into realities :)

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