Saturday, April 24, 2010

As promised...

In my first post about a week ago i promised to put up some photos of my work in progress, in which i also promised to take them with a decent camera....
Failing the decent camera part, my phone will have to suffice for now.
So with out further delay here are my current WIPs of my Bloodpact.

First up is my Locust fighter (Valkyrie substitute)-

This is clearly my first time arranging pictures in a blog so please forgive the mess...

As you can see i have yet to attach the wings, armaments and landing gear.
All of which should be done by tonight for the most part.
All parts used are from the Valkyrie kit,
following the instructions from Spikey Bits Jet Instructions with a few minor adjustments-
I continued to cut out the fuselage beyond that stated so i could fit in a singular engine, which is made up of the 4 quarter pieces you get in the kit (2 per engine), and mirrored that cutout into the undercarriage.
The air intakes are from the old hunter killer missile tube, cut from 1 corner to the opposing corner lengthways.
(Im not all that good with instructions so please let me know if i failed to be clear)

This beauty will be painted up to have the same white pearl look as in the book 'Double Eagle',
as the look described in 'Sabbat Matyr' i dont think is all that fitting...
Using a similar process but with a diferent pallet, I will be using a similar process as outlined by Dave Taylor in his post The Rapid Assault Force Approaches.
While a choice selection was used in his pallet, i will be aiming for a more final colour than bone, purely for a stronger contrast.

The next in line for this post is a troop transport for 1 of my hardened vet squads-

This was made following all the instructions posted by Dave Taylor, which can both be found in part 1 and part 2 using the templates posted up here.

The only changes i made were to use florist wire to make a small 2 step ladder into the back of the truck on the rear left, used chains to hold the bench seats in place (fixed seats dont work in a work horse vehicle tray imo), and made the frame for the canopy out of florist wire too.
Extra handles and support bars are also made using florist wire.
The floor of the tray was roughly covered in contact adhesive before a cut to size piece of plastic fly screen was layed over the top. This uneven surface will be used to effect as i would expect there to be gore from the troops it transports all over the place.
There is still alot to be done before i start painting, more tidbits to attach, refining of some details, and possible battle damage/field repairs.

It will be painted up to look like an Imperial Transport, then i will attack it with my blood and gore mix to show it has been looted by the pact.

Thats it for now,
any constructive comments or extra ideas appreciated.

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