Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Bloody Short Blog

This blog is going to be short and sweet, as i woke up not that long ago and its already 2pm!!!
Have so much to do it isnt funny, so this is just simple basics, mainly due to 5pic max post it seems :S

First up is my commisar and vet sarge for my current WIP Bloodpact squad.

As you can see, instead of a simple grotesque mask i have given him a full face hood, something which will be used to pic out all my commisars, along with the possibility of giving them storm coats (opinions on that are most wanted).
To represent the khornate side of the army, he is carrying an extended khorne beserker axe. considering the size in comparrison to the model, i think it represents his power weapon perfectly.

Here we have my vet sarge.

I swaped his standard chain sword with a khornate 1 from the beserker sprues also. As this is also oversized, in the games where i give him a power weapon it wont need to be hacked up and changed, a sword that big should be a far compromise.
As with all my standard troopers, he has the standard grotesque mask (i will do a blog on how i make these soon).
All the Bloodpact have every single imperial logo carved off there armour and weapons.
To further define the pact from normal guardsmen i have sliced off all the protrutions from there helmets to leave them with the bowel style helmet as described in the books. it also helps to show off the mask as the head is less busy this way.

I will have more infantry up within the coming days, so to finish off today are some more WIP of the locust fighter (aka valkyrie)

I was originally goin to go with the 'giant rock/crystal warp portal' idea, but after seein it on the base... its crap. At least in the way i have done it. Either i will just create a warp rift/reality tear to hover above the base, or perhaps a tunnel entrance on the ground.
Either way theres alot more to do to satisfy me in that regard...

Here we have a view of the first armament i have assembled and magnatized for the fighter.
At first i thought the rocket pods would be too big, but after seeing it all put together, it just makes it look more threatening.
Also you can see how i have used 2 of the rather old hunter killer tubes to create my air intakes for the engine.

Off topic, 1 thing i have noticed many times is people assembling that tube and placing it on the vehicle backwards... The flap portion of the assembly is actually the front, not the rear. If you look at modern SAM and SSM batteries, that flap opens when the missile is primed after the target has been painted. The hole end of the assembly is at the rear so the jet wash from the missile has somewhere to go, as the missile itself is resting on a mount on the otherside of that hole. (I think i will post up some pictures of this)

And here we have the tail view of the locust.
On either side near the rear of the fuselage i have place 1 of the vents from the same hunter killer missile tubes. These are go go with the fact i have left the jets on the wings. While those jets would help this baby take off/land and do very sharp bank turns, these rear side jets would turn the jet while hovering.
A lil too much though, but hey, we all love our hobby dont we :)

That is for another post, next post will cover more of the WIP infantry squad, including WIP autocannons heavy weapons squad if time permits.


  1. Great work!! i love that fighter, im definitly stealing that. the masks look great, the only thing that i would suggest is to make express a certain feature on each one, ie a nose on one, teeth on another, eyebrows, etc, it makes them look like they were hand made by each individual ;) great job, keep it up! looking forward to more posts

  2. I really like the Locust model you've made, I'll definitely have to try my hand at making one as well. Top notch work on the grotesques and the full hood on the commissar, they look suitably menacing. Can't wait to see more!

  3. The Valk conversion is awesome! I echo the comments on the face sculpts.