Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Delays, delays, delays

Since my last post i have been very busy,
both in and out of work hrs...
I have many new photos taken thanks to the help of my partner with her camera and laptop.
Unfortunately i have yet to get the pictures off her laptop to post here.

So far i have completed the assembly/conversion of the following:
- 1 full squad of Bloodpact troopers, complete with masks, consisting of:
-Commisar with bolt pistol and power weapon
-Vet Sarge with bolt pistol and cc weapon
-Flamer carrying guardsmen
-Vox operator with lasgun
-7 guardsmen with lasguns and cc weapons
- Truck transport (to be used as a chimera)
- The main assembly and magnetisation of my locust fighter

This squad of 11 is half of what will be a 22 man combined assault squad, with the other half being identical in armament. I have yet to decide whether or not to add a priest in there or not, as all those rerolls will come in handy.

The truck is goin to be used to transport what ever i deem required at the time, which will most likely be another squad of 11 troopers, but with a HB in there this time.

All that is to be done on my locust fighter is to assemble the new mounting point for the HB sponsons and for its single lascannon, and then to complete the scenic base. As mentioned in an earlier post, since it is a fighter craft and not a transport, i will be using reference from the book 'His last command' to create portals on the bases as a means for troopers to embark and disembark from the fleet in orbit/where ever it is they come from.

Thats it for today,
will hopefully have pictures up by weeks end for all these developements.


  1. hey keep it up, cant wait to see the pact! i always love seeing others interpretations and such!

  2. Looking forward to the pictures! I'm casting about for another non imperial army to paint and one possibility is Blood pact. More pictures gives me more material to stea... er. Adapt!