Monday, August 16, 2010

Distracted Again...

Been a while since had a chance to post, and i still am lacking time, so i will make this brief and to the point.
Currently on my work bench is:

Being assembled/converted to bloodpact
- Hardened Vet squad in carapace armour
- AT-70 Reaver (leman russ conversion)
- Harkers Devils squad
- Another troop transport truck
- Heavy weapons team of autocannons

Being Painted
- 1st basic squad of Bloodpact
- Locust Interceptor (valkyrie conversion)
- 1st troop transport truck
- Harker

A side project being done is also a Dark Mechanicum based 'Lord of Change'. If this conversion wins the competition im entering it in, i will gain free entry into this years Australian Golden Daemon, which would be very appealing.
The down side is i still have to complete about 5 of my 7 entries, but hey, just means more of a challenge! :D

Pics will be up as soon as i can arrange it.

Well, back to the grind stone...

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