Friday, September 10, 2010

Latest Purchase

So i was cruising the forums, and every so often i would come across the mention of the elusive and shockingly expensive unofficial primarch miniatures that have been slowly making there way around the world, and thought i would take a crack at finding 1.

Low and behold, the 1 i stumble across is 1 of the few i like of the primachs, and what a stunning miniature it is, let alone once its painted up as pictured here (not by my hand, mine is still in the post currently).

The Warmaster Horus is rather a fitting center piece for a mid-heresy themed Black Legion army, with, should i find them, Fulgrim Mortarion and Angron with a squad or 2 from there corresponding legions to go along with him.

A rather good find i must say, now i just have to get my skills up to scratch so i can paint him to a standard worthy of a Warmaster!

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