Wednesday, October 20, 2010


 Finally managed to get some pics up of my finished squad, along with the display base i made to go with them for my 40k squad entry into this years Australian Golden Daemon.
The competition closed and first round judged 2 weeks ago (thats how slow i am), and these guys made it through!
I dont know how golden daemon works in other countries, but here we enter at store level, winners then get judged at a state level, winners of that go to nationals where 1st 2nd 3rd winners and the slayer sword winner is judged. This saturday (3 away including today) is the state level judging, so fingers crossed!
So without any further delay i present my first completed squad, and a few of my favorites within it.
Please feel free to comment constructively and ask any relevant questions :)
Squad Sarge with his over-sized chain sword
Squad comms guy

The 2 shovel wielders


  1. You mentioned that you recently began airbrushing.What works have you done with it?

  2. Well, all my bloodpact troopers are based up using an airbrush, as im using car paint to do the red of there fatigues (thats the same colour im using for my blood effects).

    The metal on my truck in my more recent posts, as well as the all the metal and tracks on my Baneblade, also were airbrushed on.

    Once ive finished my leman russ conversion, that will be gettin a paint job entirely done by an airbrush, with the exception of minor details that will still be picked out by brush work.

    ive got a few side projects im airbrushing, but wont have pics of them up til i get some taken :P