Thursday, September 23, 2010

Review of Ronin Miniatures "Horus"

Today i recieved 1 of the highly sought after Ronin Miniatures "Horus" figures,
number 99/200 to be precise (according to the packaging anyway...),
so i figured i should probably give a review on it.

First off its easy to see the size of the model in comparrison to 1 of the current standard terminator models... Horus stands a good head and a bit higher than the terminator,
so already the scale of the miniature is pretty much correct to the art books.

After having a dry run at assembly and looking the miniature over,
the miniature is clearly designed for easy assembly,
as each piece is obvious to place and the positioning is clear through the good use of locator pins and corresponding holes on the pieces (something i must admit i find lacking in GWs miniatures, they generally require more work to assemble than should be needed),
and as for mold lines.... there pretty much arent any!
This has got to be the cleanest molding of a miniature outside of plastics,
especially for an underground company.
Very well made indeed.

The miniature is covered in all the finer details pictured too,
with next to no obstructions,
so painting up all the details will be a breeze,
and will make for a stunning finished product i must say.

The scenic resin base it comes with is unfortunately too big for a 40mm base,
but the right size for a 50mm base,
so unless used without the resin base,
or given his own "house-rules" for use in Apocalypse,
it would be best to use him to represent a daemon prince,
or just do it up for a good display/collectors piece and not much more...

The only issue i have with the miniature from an aesthetic point of view is the shoulder guards...
Like a pre-heresy terminator the miniature has the rolled-out looking shoulder guard on its left shoulder,
but on the right it has a standard post-heresy terminator shoulder guard...
Its not really a major concern,
except for those who have a lil OCD in them....

Its a very well done model,
and definately worth the money spent on it if you can find 1 online,
or any of the other Ronin Miniatures primarchs.

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