Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Years Hobby Resolution (Belated)

Heya all,

My sincere apologies for lack of posts on here of late, getting up at 3:30am for work leads to much of the time once I'm back home being used for lounging or hobby followed by much sleep. As you can see, not much room for blogging in there at all, if any.

Alas as yet i have no pictures to show... It turns out my camera believes that zoom is for distance shots, not for close ups, so i am awaiting the time when my lovely girl-friend has a spare moment to snap up a few pics with her more competent camera...

Now that's out of the way its down to business!

As the title suggests, like many others out there i am resolving to make some changes in how my hobby is being approached, IE getting stuff either started/finished with pics taken along the way, with more regular blogging added into the bargain.

I already have a list on my main page of the current projects i have under way, yet even that is incomplete...
So here i will list briefly what i aim to do this year, and some deadlines i can hopefully live up to.

#1 is my Bloodpact Traitor Guard.
i have many units started or planned out, and a few finished, all yet to have pictures taken and posted up. My first goal here is going to be to finish off my 2 veteran squads assembly, and then post some pics up as i have a few test models done for the paint scheme of 1 squad, and the other just needs 2 more guys assembled and painted as the rest are already done but for basing.
After that, i will endeavour to get 1 unit/vehicle assembled/painted a week, with pictures happening regularly.

#2 is my Tyranid Vanguard swarm
i haven't worked on this army since the last edition of the codex, kinda lost interest once it became apparent my whole army couldn't start off board via the scouting rules. A whole army of genestealers, all in assault range as soon as they came on the board. That army had a total of 7/7 wins, in games ranging from 750 points 1v1 to a big 1500pt each 1v1v1v1 game.
With the current codex i have had to include new units and revamp my strategies a fair bit. So first on the agenda there is to work out what i will take in this force and to modify my to do list to reflect that.

#3 is my Dark Elves raiding force
A few weeks ago i started a Dark Elves force based around a campaign of raiding the warhammer fantasy globe. So the army consists of lots of corsairs, a few spearmen n repeater crossbows, dark riders and shades for the vanguard, and reaper bolt throwers for ship based artillery, all led by Felheart and some other lordly master funding the campaign.
That of course is just a basic run down, the force is full of conversion ideas i am yet to put to paper, suffice to say trophies from around the globe will be very apparent.

As more ideas and projects come along i will of course add them to the list.

As for time line, I'm hoping to work to this:

March       - Finished off assembling Bloodpact as bare minimum
April/May - Bloodpact completely finished
                 - Tyranids finished assembly
June/July    - Tyranids finished completely
                 - Dark Elves finished assembly
September - Dark Elves finished completely

A very rough guide line, but 1 i can hopefully live to if not beat!

Til next time, hopefully within a week or 2, AND with stuff to blog about.

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