Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bloodpact Looted Truck WIP pics

Hey all,
I finally got some pics off my girlfriends laptop, not any of my finished product pics but in fact some WIP of the Bloodpact truck I finished a few months back, plans courtesy of Dave Taylors blog, just search under the lable 'Truck' for the templates i believe it is.

I followed the instructions and used the templates for the most part, but found that after i had started painting it, that i had forgotten to put a few of the extra armour and the access into the engine bay! Oh well....

During assembly, modified the plans to suit my vision of what I wanted the truck to look like. The modicifactions I made include the following:
- I made the benches fold down benches rather than fixed, as I didnt want this to look purely like a troop transport vehicle.
- I made the canopy casing over the tray of the truck more like 1 of the troop carriers from WW2, having a skeleton frame going from 1 side to the other, so when the tarp is pulled over the top it creates a box effect over the tray.
- Rather than a plank style floor in the back, I have used plastic fly-wire to represent a metal grated floor, for extra grip when moving around. I also used this material bundled up on 1 side of the tray to represent the roof tarp, which can also be used in game as camo netting if desired.
- More handles poking out of the sides of the truck and tray, and a small ladder to 1 side of the trays rear, like transport trucks of today, allowing for a trailer to be towed if the driver was so inclined.
- No lights on the truck except for the search light on top, but this was purely due to a lack of lights in my bits box I must say.
- And a piece of mesh on 1 side for some extra armour.
The weapons on there are purely cause im not much of a fan of the multilaser, not sure why really, but felt that since im doing a looted ministorum (hope I spelt that right) transport, that the Bloodpact would have afixed weapons to the vehicle in a some what unprofessional manner, so all heavy bolters.
There is more done do it, but not applicable to the WIP pictures, as the other touches were added during and after the painting process.

Other than those few little details, the whole thing was constructed as the instructions said to do so. Thanks to Dave for the templates and instructions on how to build this beast, couldnt of figured out how to do 1 without them.

Next time, pictures of the fully painted up Blootpact Looted Truck.


  1. Thats awesome, i love it!!!

    Was the template easy to construct? I've always avoided templates, but i really wan a truck like that!!

  2. Thats really cool mate. Its good to see Daves plans transalated well to others projects. I love the detailing you have put into it, particularly the roof struts and folded netting.


  3. @GunGrave - yeah man, real easy to use his templates especially with his step-by-step instructions.
    also he has a tutorial on plasticard. pay attention to the advice of scouring along the edges of each piece with the back of your scalpel against the edge of a metal ruler, easier to control and more of a straight edge that way.
    also, make sure you print out the pieces to the scale given on his template sheets (a small 1" x 1" cube) as if you deviate even slightly, it will come out odd :S

    @Rogue Pom - Cheers man, im not a fan of taking inspiration from someones idea and making my own unless i personalise it.
    also, having watched "band of brothers" over and over again around the time of assembly, along with the re-reading of the gaunts ghosts novel "honour guard" being fresh in my mind, it was the only way i could do it.

  4. Beautiful. This is shaping up nicely. I haven't been brave enough to get seriously into card yet, but someday. Sounds like the templates/instructions are working well!

  5. @sonsoftaurus - cheers man, these pics are months old now, just waitin for girlfriend to bring her laptop over so i can get the finished work pics off her camera. wait til you see them!
    this was my first go with plasticard, and i must say if it wasnt for templates and instructions, would of been an epic fail.
    cheers again to dave taylor for the inspiration, templates AND instructions.