Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bloodpact army list: Reached a crossroads...

Hey all,

a non-picture/progress report today yet still something of interest, though maybe more so for me than for you, as I am seeking some opinions on what road to go down with a part of my army...

First off, I will type up the list as it stands in its fullness, and then the junction point I am at.

My list is as follows, starting with a 1000pt army for my FLGS monthly tournament, then with the 850pt expansion I have added on to it (turns out Australian tournaments aren't as big as 1850pts, but meh, gives me more to play with).

1000pt list:

Command Squad- Commander with B/P and P/S
                           - 4x Guardsmen with L/P and CC/W
                           - Astropath
                           - Fleet Officer


Vet. Squad 1- Harker
                    - 3x Snipers
                    - H/W team consisting of H/B and L/G
                    - 4x Vet. with L/G

Vet. Squad 2- Vet. Sarge with B/P and P/S
                    - 2x Vet. with Melta
                    - Vet. with Heavy Flamer
                    - 6x Vet. with shotguns
                    - Grenadiers doctrine

Platoon Com- P. Comm with with B/P and P/S
                    - 2x Guardsmen with Flamers
                    - 2x Guardsmen with L/P and CC/W

Plat. Squad 1- Commissar
                     - Sarge with B/P and CC/W
                     - Guardsmen with Flamer
                     - 8x Guardsmen with L/G
Plat. Squad 2- Sarge with B/P and CC/W
                     - Guardsmen with Flamer
                     - 8x Guardsmen with L/G
Squads formed together into a single squad of 21

Plat. H/W Squad-3x H/W team each consisting of A/C and L/G

Fast Attack-
Valkyrie- H/B sponsons
             - L/C
             - Missile Pods

S.S.S.- 2x Scout Sentinels
          - 2x Autocannons

Total of 1000pts

That is my current 1000pt army list, and this is the 850pt expansion for it:

Plat. Squad 3- Sarge with L/P and CCW
                    - 7x Guardsmen with L/G
                    - H/W team consisting of M/L and L/G
                    + Chimera transport- 2x H/B

Plat. Squad 4- Sarge with L/P and CCW
                     - 7x Guardsmen with L/G
                     - H/W team consisting of M/L and L/G
                     + Chimera transport- 2x H/B

Plat. H/W Squad-3x H/W team each consisting of L/C and L/G

Fast Attack-
Rough Riders- 2x Extra Riders
                    - 2x Riders with Meltas

Heavy Support-
LRBTS- 2x LRBT not upgraded

Art. Bat.- 1x Colossus

Total of 850pts

Now, as the sidebar shows, a lot of this is either still under construction or as yet not started. The extras at the bottom of the list on the sidebar are just that, things that I did either for the sake of fluff, the idea just popped into my head, or because of painting comps/re-thinking my army list.

I'm open up to peoples general views of the list, I have done a few trial games and it seems to run rather well, though I admit it has been a limited arena of versing Daemons and Eldar so far. The general idea behind the list is id rather assault than be assaulted, so the first 1000pt is designed to get in fast and get the job done.

You would be surprised how well a squad of 20 guardsmen with a commissar does in an assault, and the amount of squads they can tie up in an assault at a time. Harker and his boys infiltrating ahead (along with Marbo popping out somewhere) to cause some disruption, the heavier vets being dropped in close to/behind enemy lines to deal some damage, with the main command squad staying out of the way to keep my reserves coming quicker and my opponents more slowly.

The 850 expansion is the armoured follow up, with the squads to move in and secure objectives, some rough riders give a lil extra support vs flanking armour, and some armoured might to push back anyone that's gotten in too close.

My dilemma is as follows:
My army is entirely based on fluff, loosely with the rough riders (you will see why once I have the squad completed, atm very happy with the trial mini), and its the rough riders I'm not too sure about, as well as the sentinels.

The sentinels fit the fluff, as they are being converted into SteG 4 Light Armoured Cars, yet I'm unsure as whether to keep the sentinels, or swap them out for another squad of rough riders, or even swap out the rough riders for more sentinels....

Anyone able to give me some feedback on this, its got me rather stuck...


  1. I've personally never had much luck with special weapons on Rough Riders. They're tall models with lousy saves that make great shooting targets themselves. I generally have better results focusing them on fleeting and getting to the best position for a charge instead of trying to shoot. For a little extra tank-busting threat, I'd just add meltabombs to the sgt instead of meltaguns to the squad.

    For the 1000pts I'd consider swapping Harker out for some of the armor. Harker's squad can put out some dakka, but I think you could benefit from having something that can threaten tough units with annihilation

  2. Hmmmm i can see where your coming from with the extra armour, but even removing Harker only gives back like 75pts.
    Doing that also removes all the bonuses the squad gets, including infiltrate, so puts them right back in my deployment zone or out of the list together...

    Real question i had is, whether or not to keep the 2 sentinels or to make more rough riders...

    As it is, they form a decent part of my anti-mid range armour and heavier units, plus with the scout rule they can back up my valkyrie with its armoured boys, either arriving on same side or in a small pincer.

    Or do i go with a more numerous unit, without the benefits and long range deployment capability...

    personally im thinkin i should stick with the sentinels fluff wise, but as im wantin to tournie the 1000pt list im lookin at all options to try out...

  3. I was actually trying to say swap Harker's whole squad for the armor.

    I'd keep the Sentinels, but in the 1000pts split them up.

  4. ah ok, hmmmm, ill give it a try see how it runs, and take harker in the 850pt expansion.
    first at-70 reaver (counts as LRBT) is almost done, will work on that this week n get some pics up

    all righty then, looks like its time to jump on ebay for a bits search to get these 2 sentinels up n 'rolling' as will be 6 wheeler cars...

  5. Ok, so first, drop the Grenadier doctrine in your non-Harker vet squad. Give them Demo instead for more of a hurrah kinda deal.

    Second,Keep the sentinels, they have won me -plenty- of games by either contesting an objective, or keeping something from assaulting my tanks or vets.

    Third, no need for a bolt pistol in your HQ squad, or in any of your squads, save the points and use them for something else out there, not sure what but trust me, losing a single 4-5 shot wont kill you.

    Otherwise it is an interesting list, and would like to hear how it performed.